The AppImage world is bast and mysterious, therefore a map is required to ease navigation. That map is the RSS aggregator AppImage Planet.

There you will be able to find all the people and projects that gravitates around the AppImage core project. Let’s take a look to the more significant project.


NXOS is a GNU/Linux distribution focused on AppImages. They use Ubuntu for the system foundations and AppImages for user applications. This makes a great mix because developers can focus on making their awesome desktop environment and not having to worry on providing builds for every single app.

Read more about NXOS here:

The Assassin blog

Don’t be scared, no one will assassinate you for visiting this web. It belongs to the author of linux-deploy a great tool for creating AppImages. He is also an active collaborator of the AppImage project, so you can find many more AppImage related stuff there.

For more details visit:

Probono Blog

Probono is the original author of the AppImage project. He writes about AppImage, of course, and about many tech related stuff including linux usability, digital privacy, typography, and computer history.

Check his blog here: He is also quite active on twitter

AppImage Crafters

That’s us!

We are responsible for the development of some awesome AppImage related projects such as:

  • appimage-builder
  • appimage-manager
  • AppRun

Also, we are active contributors of the AppImage core.


That was all, finally we recommend you to visit AppImage Planet and subscribe.

Stay tuned for more :)