appimage-manager is a tool for managing your AppImage collection. It works quite similar to a traditional package manager but without the fuss of managing dependencies.


To install appimage-manager go to the releases page at Github, download the AppImage file into /usr/local/bin and give it execution permissions. This is basically what the command below does:

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/app; 
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/app


Looking for AppImages

AppImage binaries are usually published in the author releases page. So if you know what application do you need then go to the releases author releases page and download the binary right from there.

If the author uses Github releases you can use:

app install

Discovering AppImage

AppImage Index is an index of projects that publish AppImages. You can also use for a better user interface.

AppImageHub is a software store were you can find many original and third party packaged applications. It’s recommended to always download binaries from the original author to avoid malware.

AppImageHub is also integrated into the app, so in order to look for an application you can use: app search <appname>

AppImage files will be downloaded to $HOME/Applications and will be also added to your system menu on installation.

Updating AppImages

appimage-manager support delta updates using the zsync algorithm. This algorithm requires .zsync file to be published by the author. In the cases were this file is not provided a regular download will be performed. Updates work also for manually downloaded applications.


See it working in this video: